LogRx Presents an Ideal Drug Tracking Solution for Wildlife Professionals

by | Nov 4, 2022 | Wildlife

For wildlife professionals, drug tracking is often time-consuming and even inaccurate, especially when it comes to immobilizing drugs, combinations like BAM, and scheduled drugs like Ketamine and Telazol.

LogRx offers a simple, user-friendly digital solution that allows wildlife and veterinary professionals to track inventory in real-time and at a glance. Here’s how to take the headache out of your wildlife drug tracking.

Avoid the Year-End Stress

“I can 100% guarantee that I don’t know where every vial is,” or “We’re using an Excel spreadsheet to track drug use for our entire state team.”

Sound familiar? These are actual statements from agency leaders in the field. While the DEA manages and oversees reporting for wildlife agencies, the state and local requirements and processes of accurate wildlife drug tracking and reporting vary wildly across the United States and Canada.

Each state and, moreover, each agency has its own way of tracking and reporting drug use. While the consequences of mistracking aren’t always legally severe, they can still affect your veterinarian and program director’s DEA licensure (and lead to a lot of extra time-consuming paperwork and hoops to jump through).

What’s even more concerning is that, without a solid handle on your inventory, you could be left with expired vials, a lack of accuracy in tracking, and open your agency up to the possibility that none of us like to face—diversion. Drugs like Ketamine and Diazepam could end up on the street or in the wrong hands. In many ways, mistakes with drug handling are dangerous and potentially lead to negative consequences for the agency.

In some state wildlife agencies, a call may come only a few times per year in certain regions. You get the call when a cougar or bear wanders a little too close to busy urban areas or an injured animal is found. Your wildlife professionals go to the locked safe. They grab their field kit and head out to immobilize and remove the wildlife, hopefully returning them safely to the wild (and protecting people in the process).

But are you sure that everything in the kit is accurate and up to date? After the immobilization event and the animal is tagged, are you confident that the reporting in your current system will allow you to easily find out what your team used in the process?

Inventory maintenance is crucial for those who use kits regularly, whether in wildlife research, veterinary medicine, or management. You need to know when a vial is getting low. The program director must account for everything going in and out on a tight budget. It also needs to be reported accurately, effectively, and in a time-efficient manner.

LogRx offers a headache-free and accurate way to ensure that all controlled substances are accounted for every time. Don’t face the end-of-year or reporting period panic unprepared. With LogRx, you’ll have the information you need at any time to track, report, and effectively inventory your immobilization drug supply.

How LogRx Presents a Field-Friendly Solution for Drug Tracking

Wildlife professionals provide medical care for a sheep on a capture table on a farm with open green pastures.

LogRx is a simple but effective solution for managing drug tracking in many different fields. EMS professionals developed the original tool because they needed to track controlled substance administration on the go. When lives are on the line, you need a real-time tracking solution that works accurately and effectively.

LogRx was so effective for emergency responders that the cross-over possibilities were quickly evident. Professionals in dentistry, pharmaceuticals, search-and-rescue, and veterinary medicine discovered that LogRx was extremely helpful for tracking controlled substances as well as other drugs they handled within their practices and professions. With the help of wildlife veterinary experts, LogRx has been transformed and developed into a practical tool for the wildlife profession.

LogRx is simple, practical, and field-friendly. It works from a smartphone or handheld device. There’s no expensive equipment to purchase or complex reporting software to learn. It’s easy, and it works.

The benefits of LogRx for veterinarians and wildlife professionals include the following:

  • Real-time view for administrators. Assess all inventory by users and drug boxes. No extensive year-end inventory is required.
  • Expiration date tracking and notification. No more worries about expired drugs.
  • GPS mapping all incidents with the location, incident number, and drug(s) administered. No piecing together details after the fact.
  • Field-friendly smartphone app works offline. No waiting for a signal to track and report when you’re out in the wild.
  • QR-code format allows you to scan and track the milliliters you dispense with an easy weekly inventory scan. No surprises that you’re running low on immobilization drugs when you need them the most.

LogRx is especially ideal for scheduled drugs like Telazol and euthanasia agents, but it works well for all drugs–Ketamine, Thiafentanil, Butorphanol, and other drugs are high targets for diversion. Other drugs, like those used to assist in sedation and reversal, may not be scheduled but are critical for work in the field. Tracking quantities and inventory will help ensure you have what you need (something especially helpful when working with large or potentially dangerous wildlife).

Wildlife Professionals Can Benefit from LogRx

There are many roles among wildlife professionals. State, federal, and tribal wildlife professionals, game managers, conservation officers, and researchers all have many reasons to handle wildlife and chemically immobilize animals.

Those who work in veterinary medicine and wildlife rescue and rehabilitation may also need to sedate or treat animals. Zoos, sanctuaries, and even game farms and exotic animal ranches can benefit from safe, effective, and accurate drug tracking.

LogRx has proven to be an excellent solution for government, public, and private wildlife professionals. The drug tracking app is particularly useful for teams—small and large. Whenever you need to share information about drug tracking and usage amongst many users and supervisors, it helps to have a centralized place for real-time data.

With a quick glance, supervisors can tell where a drug was last used.  The LogRx administrator’s dashboard allows them to pinpoint the GPS location and know precisely when it was dispensed and by whom. There’s no guesswork, which is crucial when dealing with wildlife and controlled substances.

Whether researchers and professionals in your agency are each assigned to their own drug box or share just a few field kits, you’ll know that what you need is right there each time you go out. Anyone who handles drugs must be trained and certified, and LogRx adds a layer of protection, reporting, and accountability for your agency and your team, ultimately reducing your and your agency’s overall liability while saving time and improving efficiency.

Reach out to learn how LogRx can help your agency or organization improve accuracy, save time, and protect against liability with real-time tracking and reporting. We’re proud to have field-experienced wildlife professionals on our team who understand exactly what’s required in this unique, important, and challenging field.

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