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How LogRx Helps in EMS Narcotics Tracking

  • Daily Checks
  • Drug Administration
  • Inventory Management
  • Chain Of Custody Tracking from Cradle to Grave
  • Drug Expiration Management
  • Email Notifications
  • Proprietary QR Drug Labels
  • Proprietary QR Tamper-Evident Drug Box Seals
  • Real-Time Monitoring from Administrator’s Website
  • GPS Activity Marking
  • PDF & CSV File Exports of Reports
  • Activity Analytics
  • Multi-Use & Single-Use Drug Applications
  • No Hardware Purchase Required

In the high-pressure, high-stakes world of EMS, narcotics tracking is critical. But when you’re focused on treating patients and saving lives, paper tracking is a hassle with a lot of room for error. LogRx offers a better way for emergency responders to track narcotics.

Founded by career Fire and EMS officials, LogRx replaces traditional pen and paper tracking. LogRx offers accuracy and accountability on the go. We created LogRx for the EMS industry as an affordable solution that doesn’t require additional equipment or long-term contracts.

Paramedics and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) professionals can use LogRx from any iOS or Android smart device. Our narcotics tracking app allows your team to perform daily checks efficiently. Keep track of drug administration and transfers. There’s no hassle and no chance of paper getting lost, damaged, or overlooked.

What’s more, LogRx allows administrators to oversee and track all activity in real-time. Timestamping and GPS provide an extra layer of accountability to ensure you reduce the risk of diversion and accidents.

The DEA requires EMS narcotics tracking and reporting for all medications your team handles. It’s critical that ambulance and other transport agencies maintain accountability of their narcotics and comply with all regulations and requirements. LogRx makes it easy and simple to record, track, and report.

Keep patients safe by ensuring the right equipment is on hand when you need it with LogRx. Track narcotics on the go to protect your patients and team.

LogRx is the ideal solution for EMS. Founded by first responders, we understand what it’s like to be in the field. We created LogRx to make your job easier, taking the stress out of narcotics tracking.

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