Emergency Air Transport

LogRx Offers a Narcotics Tracking Solution for Emergency Air Transport

LogRx Offers Narcotics Tracking for Emergency Air Transport

  • Daily Checks
  • Drug Administration
  • Inventory Management
  • Chain Of Custody Tracking from Cradle to Grave
  • Drug Expiration Management
  • Email Notifications
  • Proprietary QR Drug Labels
  • Proprietary QR Tamper-Evident Drug Box Seals
  • Real-Time Monitoring from Administrator’s Website
  • GPS Activity Marking
  • PDF & CSV File Exports of Reports
  • Activity Analytics
  • Multi-Use & Single-Use Drug Applications
  • No Hardware Purchase Required

Emergency air transport is an essential service that saves lives in some of the most intense situations. LogRx offers a clear, efficient way to track narcotics dispensing and usage when your team is under pressure on land or in the sky.

At LogRx, we understand the pressure of emergency response. Our company was founded by first responders, fire, and EMS officials who saw a need for a better way to track narcotics. Pen and paper narcotics tracking is inefficient, with a high margin for error and little accountability. LogRx ensures your team can track from any iOS or Android device on the fly. There’s no extra hardware needed and no long-term contracts.

When your team is in the air, it’s essential that the crew can track narcotics mid-flight and throughout their work. Our proprietary QR code drug labels and unique narcotics tracking features allow for quick and easy tracking on the go, even when teams aren’t connected. LogRx provides flight crews with offline narcotics tracking capability, ensuring that your crew can track any time, anywhere.

As soon as your team has Wi-Fi or cell service, mid-flight activity is instantly uploaded to the account. As a result, administrators have seamless oversight with the ability to trace and track in real-time. An accurate, easy-to-review record is ideal for DEA reporting requirements and guidelines.

Working inside a small aircraft during life and death situations

is challenging enough—leave it to LogRx to simplify narcotics tracking for emergency air transport. Discover how LogRx can help ease the stress on your team. Learn more about LogRx and our EMS and emergency air transport solutions.