Clive Savacool - the CEO and Founder of LogRx - pictured in his fire fighter gear.

Clive Savacool, CEO

Clive Savacool is Founder of both LogRx and the successful health and safety startup Exposure Tracker, acquired by Envisage Technologies. Clive’s background includes five years as a Paramedic for the ambulance company AMR, followed by 25+ years as a Firefighter/Paramedic and chief officer in the San Francisco Bay Area and a combined six years as a fire chief with Garden Valley Fire and the City of South Lake Tahoe.

Skye Thompson, COO

With a broad level of executive experience in a variety of industries, Skye is also the Founder of LogRx and the founding CEO of the successful startup Tablet Command. Skye’s expertise has assisted a number of companies with their executive team’s strategic planning with a long list of success stories.

Skye Thompson - COO of LogRx
Tanner Burton, LogRx’s Chief Technology Officer

Tanner Burton, CTO

As a high-level developer with experience in multiple coding languages in a wide range of industries, Tanner serves as LogRx’s Chief Technology Officer.   He has worked with several successful corporations – from small startups to large companies approaching an IPO.

Todd Long, VP of Sales

In the medical device industry Todd Long has extensive sales, management, and leadership experience delivering high-level solutions to support those on the frontline of emergency response. Focused on the EMS space for many years, Todd has executed strategic sales plans, launched novel products, and led teams toexpand market share.

Todd Long, VP of Sales
Dr. Mark Johnson, Wildlife Veterinary Advisor

Dr. Mark Johnson, Wildlife Technical Advisor/Veterinarian

Dr. Mark Johnson is a nationally recognized wildlife veterinarian conducting and teaching wildlife chemical capture for over 30 years. He is Founder/CEO of Global Wildlife Resources and provides training and consultation for federal, state, tribal, and private agencies across the country. You can find him at: or email him at [email protected].

Kristen Simoes, Director of Marketing

Kristen is an Emmy award winning news reporter and career journalist, with a diverse background in both media and public relations. She is responsible for creating all LogRx training materials and overseeing marketing efforts.

Kristen Simoes, Director of Marketing at LogRx
Chris Schwegler - Business Development at LogRx

Chris Schwegler, Business Development

Chris is a veteran of the US Marine Corps as well as a Paramedic and Captain with the Garden Valley Fire Protection District. Chris’ diverse background has served him not only as a leader in the fire service but also in the business world where he has been instrumental in the development and fabrication of innovative firefighting tools.

Brian Grant, Business Development

Brian is a retired Fire Captain Paramedic, with over 30 years of experience in the fire service and Emergency Medical Services. Brian now uses his skills in the Emergency Medical Services field to assist with LogRx product development as well as interacting with users from a peer-to-peer perspective.

Brian Grant, Business Development for LogRx
Jon Michaelson, Business Development at LogRx

Jon Michaelson, Business Development

Jon has had a long career in both the fire service and emergency medicine. As a former Flight Paramedic with REACH Air Ambulance and a lead for the EMS division of a Bay Area fire district, Jon is able to assist LogRx users from a broad and in-depth level of field experience and management.

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