LogRx FAQs

What operating systems does LogRx use?

LogRx runs on iOS and Android devices, making it a convenient EMS supply management tool for use in the field. We replace traditional paper and pen drug tracking, making controlled substance inventory tracking and reporting simple.

Is LogRx available for iPhone, iPad, or Android?

Yes. LogRx is a controlled substance tracking tool that works cross-platform. Users can access LogRx from phones, tablets, and on their desktops. The LogRx app is available on Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store. Users can also operate LogRx through a browser for non-iOS or Android devices—no special hardware is needed!

Do I need to turn on cellular service to use LogRx in the field?

No. LogRx is ideal for users in the field and even for users in air transport, natural resources, and search and rescue. You can use LogRx without cellular service and real-time connectivity to track narcotics on the go. However, the device will need to intermittently connect to the internet when you are back in range to transfer data to your account in the cloud.

What data security standards does LogRx use?

Narcotics and controlled substance tracking is a critical and sensitive task. LogRx takes every precaution to ensure that your pharmaceutical log data is stored safely and securely. Resting data is stored on a secure server in SOC 1, SOC 2 Type 2, and PCI DSS-certified data centers. All data in transit is encrypted via SSL 256-bit AES encryption or equivalent.

Do all LogRx users have the same level of access?

No, the access is tiered. LogRx was created by real emergency responders who understand the needs of EMS, medical, dental, and veterinary personnel. We designed LogRx for two kinds of users: those working in the field who need to track controlled substances quickly and easily and administrators in the office who need to oversee inventory, monitor usage and diversion, and track data. We created the mobile app for EMTs and field users. We designed the web app with managers in mind, especially the needs of the back office for reporting and compliance.

Are LogRx reports printable?

You bet! The unique and comprehensive LogRx reports are one of the signature features of the web portal and can be downloaded as editable spreadsheets or ready-to-print PDFs. We designed our reporting to make controlled substance tracking and reporting especially easy. LogRx replaces the old school “pen and paper” methods of narcotics tracking, making tracking convenient and reporting seamless.

Does LogRx offer free trials?

No, we do not offer free trials of the LogRx system, we do offer full refunds. The true point of a “free trial” is to reduce the risk of committing to a new service. We achieve the same result by guaranteeing that you and your team will love our controlled substance tracking—or you will get your money back! LogRx is affordable and user-friendly since it doesn’t require additional hardware or extensive training. It’s ready to use right away.

Are LogRx tamper-evident labels free?

Yes! We provide up to 10 labels per unit per month for free for every paying LogRx account. We offer additional labels for purchase if your team requires more. We want to make the controlled substance tracking process as easy, convenient, and straightforward as possible.

Do I need to purchase a scanner or an electronic vault to use LogRx?

No. Unlike many other EMS inventory management programs and controlled substance tracking software options, LogRx works with your existing iOS and Android devices. There’s no need to purchase additional equipment. LogRx integrates a scanner directly into your smart device or phone, so you only need to point your camera at the barcode. LogRx is designed to be used with or without an electronic drug vault, lockbox, or other controlled substance storage unit.

Does LogRx work for users outside of Emergency Medical Services?

You bet! LogRx works for any user who needs to track pharmaceutical supplies. We have many users from a diverse range of industries, including veterinary medicine, dentistry, wildlife conservation, law enforcement, ski patrol, search and rescue, air transport, and more. Our product development leans toward mobile use, so any time you need to ditch paper tracking for the convenience of a handheld device, LogRx is the answer.

Still need more information about using LogRx?

Contact our LogRx support team here for any questions or concerns. We’re happy to help you and your team discover a better way to log, track, and report the use of pharmaceuticals. LogRx is convenient, simple, and safe. LogRx brings you peace of mind, helping you reduce errors and mitigate diversion while increasing the safety of your team and patients.

Any further questions?