Our Motivation

Our Story

LogRx was born out of a major void in accountability for controlled substances. We know this, because we’ve seen it ourselves. Accidentally misplaced narcotics, drugs that expired before they could be used, even the occasional theft from paramedics struggling with substance abuse.

Over several decades in the fire service and emergency medical services fields, it became apparent that the lack of accountability in narcotics was not just an issue isolated to the agencies we worked with. It was widespread.

The Beginning

In 2016 LogRx was officially founded by Clive Savacool and Skye Thompson as an exploratory project to gauge whether or not it was a viable business model. In 2018 with the help of Chief Technology Officer, Tanner Burton, LogRx went full steam ahead, making a successful 2019 winning multiple awards from EMS Today/JEMS and EMS World.

New Legislation, New Risk

Around the same time that LogRx was born, legislation was introduced that shifted responsibility for maintaining accurate drug logs to agency managers, punctuating the importance of this federal requirement and holding individuals within these agencies responsible for tracking controlled substances. LogRx provided a better way to ensure agencies were easily meeting federal requirements, eliminating errors and complacency that come with pen and paper tracking.

Our Promise

One of our goals from the beginning was to provide top-level customer service. That’s why we took the Jerry Maguire approach of “fewer clients and more attention would result in a better business model” as the foundation for LogRx’s business practices.

We launched our product and the then worked with each of our clients to ensure they had the best possible experience, giving LogRx the great reputation it has today.

We are proud of what we have built and we are proud to be on a first name basis with each of our customers. We’re also really proud to provide a solution to many agencies that have been struggling for decades to maintain strong accountability in an industry we’ve dedicated our careers to.

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