Veterinary Medicine

Protect Your Practice with Better Narcotics Tracking

Like any medical industry, veterinary medicine requires careful tracking of narcotics and other pharmaceuticals. Even though the patients may look slightly different from other medical service industries, many controlled substances and medications still require careful monitoring, tracking, and oversight.

LogRx was developed by experts in the Fire and EMS industries. Initially created to help emergency responders in the field, we soon discovered that LogRx narcotics tracking was also ideal for the field of veterinary medicine. LogRx helps practice owners address issues like diversion, inventory tracking, and dispensing protocol.

LogRx is an affordable solution that replaces the more traditional paper logs that many practices still use. There’s no special hardware required and no long-term contracts. LogRx works from any iOS or Android device, making it simple and efficient. LogRx reduces the margin of error, helping to ensure your patients get the proper medication and helping you keep track of it all.

LogRx offers veterinarians a simple solution for narcotics tracking, whether in a mobile practice or a clinical setting. You can quickly track all activity for any drug in your veterinary inventory. LogRx has the ability to track multi-use and single-use drugs in a variety of measurements, including milliliters and milligrams. You can easily customize LogRx to fit any drug inventory, making it suitable even for large-animal vets and specialists.

Veterinary medicine is a hardworking field full of diligent people who want to save the lives of all patients, no matter the species. It can also be an intense, high-stress job with many moving pieces. Don’t lose track of controlled substances and risk the safety of your patients, practice, and team. Protect yourself with LogRx.

LogRx Features to Help Veterinary Medicine

  • Daily Checks
  • Drug Administration
  • Inventory Management
  • Chain Of Custody Tracking from Cradle to Grave
  • Drug Expiration Management
  • Email Notifications
  • Proprietary QR Drug Labels
  • Proprietary QR Tamper-Evident Drug Box Seals
  • Real-Time Monitoring from Administrator’s Website
  • GPS Activity Marking (Ideal for Mobile Clinics)
  • PDF & CSV File Exports of Reports
  • Activity Analytics
  • Multi-Use & Single-Use Drug Applications
  • No Hardware Purchase Required

After years of working with traditional pen and paper narcotics tracking, we decided to create a way to streamline the process. Paper tracking leaves a large margin for error and a lack of accountability. So, we conceived LogRx as an affordable solution, perfect for those who work in fire response.

LogRx doesn’t require the purchase of additional hardware or a long-term contract commitment. We make fire response narcotics tracking simple, straightforward, and easy. Free up your first responders to do what they do best—save lives. Let LogRx handle the narcotics tracking to keep your records in order.

Firefighters can use any iOS or Android smart device to access LogRx. Perform daily narcotics checks, drug administrations, and drug transfers with ease. LogRx allows fire response team administrators to view all activity in real-time, timestamping actions, and GPS tracking of activity. Know where your team stands at any moment, even in emergencies.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) are a vital component of the modern fire response service. Often firefighters work on the frontlines of urgent medical crises, and narcotics tracking is critical. Ensure your team has exactly what they need when they need it.

What’s more, because fire response is literally a life-and-death service, the industry is highly regulated. Fire departments must maintain accountability of their narcotics to stay in compliance with all DEA requirements.

Don’t get burned by a lack of narcotics tracking. LogRx will help your fire response team stay organized and ready. LogRx makes your job easier, more efficient, and accurate when every moment counts.

With plenty of customizable options

LogRx is uniquely adaptable and suited to the veterinary industry.
If you’re looking for a narcotics and drug tracking solution for your practice, LogRx is the ideal answer. Learn how LogRx is perfect for veterinary medicine.