Tablet Command Version 1.6.6 Released

by Van Riviere

November 19, 2018 Posted in Release Notes

Later today (Wednesday Oct. 17, 2018), Tablet Command will be making its latest version available in the App Store.  Version 1.6.6 will be available for manual update for the next 7 days. Beginning Wednesday Oct. 24, 2018, users who have application auto-update enabled will be updated using Phased Release.  This version has been tested over the last several weeks by our beta users and feedback has been positive. This version resolves known issues as well as providing enhancements for our Tablet Command Enterprise Pro 2 Way customers. General Features Delete persistent incident(s) in CAD incident list using two fingers swipe (right to left) Add option to export device logs in Setting > App Support Increase the number of units available in the map tray on the iPad Pro (from 10 to 13) Resolve searching an address when manually creating an incident Resolved “No Internet Connection” message false positive(s) Changed “No Internet Connection” to “Cannot Connect to Tablet Command” Enterprise Features Resolved issue when a unit is assigned in managed incident - personnel were removed from the assigned unit Tablet Command Pro 2 Way Features Change view to Overview screen when assigned to an incident CAD Status Menu now allows users to switch to assigned incident CAD Status Menu displays unit’s post location from CAD Added ability for a user to swap a physical vehicle (TriTech Inform CAD) Added self-assign button Add ability for any user and incident manager to add a comment back to CAD incident record On behalf of the Tablet Command team we thank you for your support of Tablet Command. If you have questions or encounter challenges please contact your Tablet Command account representative, or submit a support request to [email protected] .[…]

TC Mobile Version 1.4

by William Pigeon

November 26, 2017 Posted in TC Mobile, Release Notes

General: New Look and Feel improved suitability in low light conditions Switch to email keyboard for the login field Reset password link included Various code updates and bug fixes Faster CAD list updates CAD Status color dot updated (Green for current, orange for data older than 30 seconds, and black for offline) Request for device location only when application is in use in order to support quicker navigation Added link to reset password page Mapping Added to TC Mobile: Improved mapping icons (Incident location, Vehicle Location) Toggle between incidents and an incident map overview Supports consumption of customer ArcGIS Online web maps including customized layers Inspect map attributes including GIS points, incident management attributes, and units Follow current location at the selected zoom level Tap vehicle location for lat/lon Reduced user map loading time Increased map zoom capability Incidents map overview support - view all the incidents on a map Improve incident detail by adding two more tabs: Map view for current incident, including units, hazards, AVL Units list view, including support for managed incidents actions (Assignment, Time Assigned, Groups/divisions) And continue to view incident comments (including comments from the managed incidents)  […]